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2017 Fungi Festival is sponsored by
District of Sicamous


Contact Information:

Registry and Information prior to and during the Fungi Festival call Jamie Sherlock at 250-803-8742

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We highly encourage early registration for the All Day Guided Tours.
You may register or express interest by emailing me at  

Weekend Festival Pass is available for $150.  Enjoy the Fungi Festival as it suits you, attend one long tour, one short tour and any presentation, or class throughout the Fungi Festival and receive a T shirt.

Cost for an All Day  Tour is $100 per person.  *This includes access to that day's festival presentations.

Cost for a 2 hour Walking Tours is $30 per person.

Presentations cost $10 each per person.  






If you are registered for an All Day Tour, be sure to meet up with a festival organizer to finish your registration and receive a  badge,  which will allow you full access to that day's presentations.  Also, don't forget to wear good shoes, bring a whistle (for forest communication), to bring a basket or paper bag for collecting, and a mushroom knife and brush , if you like (a plastic disposable knife will do, and you won't be heart-broken to lose it.  And a soft toothbrush works well to remove dirt and debris). 




Fungi Festival
Sicamous BC
Ph: 250-803-8742
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